How One For All started

My Story I know many of you might not read this, but I really hope that you do. I am writing my story because I realize that there are many of my friends and family that struggle with health and weight issues and even psychological issues, which I really can assist with. (If you want me to?!) Unfortunately, family and friends rarely ask their family and friends for advice, and even more rarely use the given advice. One of my mentors in the health industry told me this on day One: Leave your friends and family alone, they won’t listen to you.  I thought he was being cynical, but he was absolutely correct! Lately though, Professor Tim Noakes, along with a few others, are not afraid to speak out and although I have never been afraid of speaking out, I just got tired of all the negativity surrounding natural medicine, and really tired of trying to help those who just really won’t be helped. I also got tired of being phoned on Christmas day and at 11pm on some Sunday evenings by people who have no regard for someone else’s time and life. Selfish, usually negative and very sick people, who turns around and blames the Natural Therapist or natural vitamin supplement if something feels unwell; although they have been taking 117 other medications. I am not exaggerating or joking about this, a lady once told me this, as she wanted to take my One For All capsule as well… and when I responded with: “That is ridiculous!”, (to take so many pills) she was really, really unhappy with me and told me what a rude person I was. She also vowed to never take One For All, which I am seriously glad about, because she would most probably blame One For All if something happens to her, even if she was hit by lightning for example. A lot of people talks about Banting and Tim Noakes and dieting like they know these subjects well, but believe me, a many lot of them haven’t even read any books or googled much on the subjects… Saying this however, google can be very confusing too! Not to mention people dishing out advice on Facebook. A few friends have asked me lately what I think of Banting and I will say this: Read the book, read ALL of what they say and you will see it is quite simple. Even Dr Atkins and many other experts have known and preached it all these years. So have I, and I have even yo-yo ed with my own weight due to the fact that I am also human and like to have my cake and eat it!! I would sum up what I have studied and practiced in my office as Natural Therapist and say: Eat the following: 1 portion of protein the size and thickness of your hand palm (it can be meat, fish, eggs, or you can be vegan, it is your choice! Just eat nuts which are high in protein for example). Leave the fat on! It was never good old fat on the rump steak’s fault; it was fried fat, like those French fries for example. Try not to heat plant oils EVER (except the ones that can handle the heat like Coconut oil) and for that why not just fry food in butter, real butter, if you have to! Never ever use Margarine or something that is labelled with the words “hydrogenated vegetable fat” like most cheap chocolate bars and biscuits, it is just awful to see what this does to your blood cells! Then add 3 portions of VEGETABLES to that plate of food with Green being the most important veggies. Eat most or at least some of them raw to get those enzymes alive into your body, and voila! You have 3 meals a day, with very little effort, and you will not be hungry, you will get enough fiber and vitamins in your body. What more do you need except water! Simple Sample Menu: Breakfast: Omelette made with 2 to 3 eggs, mushroom, onion, spinach and cheese Lunch: Chicken Salad with lettuce, sesame seed, green snow peas and broccoli Dinner: Rump Steak with raw tomato salsa served with butternut squash and green beans You can probably get these foods in any restaurant too and it stays easy, ask the waiter to bring you the meat you want with veggies or salad instead of French fries. Ask for an omelette with no toast. If you really have no choice, order a burger and don’t eat the bun. I used to order pizza and scrape the toppings off and not eat the crust… waiters used to think I am a bit weird, but hey, not them who had the stomach ache and sinusitis to get rid of… Nope, my sample menu above might not be strictly Banting or whatever the buzzword is at the time, but I do try to make life easy for normal people. You cannot have any cold drinks really except water or flavoured water with things like lemon water (not the ones you buy with fizz and sugar added). Maybe some iced herbal teas will turn you on, but me, in a restaurant, I order black espresso coffee (topped up with hot water) or still water or red wine. I had a friend once who used to order only absolutely gluten free, sugar free, MSG free and taste free (lol!) food and she used to go so far as to go into the kitchen of restaurants to check how they make her food. It was no fun for anyone to take her out to dinner. She also drinks no alcohol, no coffee. I am not condemning her, but the saddest part of her obsessive dieting behavior was that she is still unhealthy, in daily pain and very unhappy. I went into the health business because I was there: Sick and tired and tired of feeling that way. Spastic colon, eczema, overweight, unhappy, depressed, headaches just about every day with the strongest pills doing nothing to relieve them… I know how it feels to have blood pressure of 60 over 30. Trust me, it is not a joke, it feels like you are going to die and you wish you rather could. Your heart beats either so fast that you want to pass out, or the doctors cannot find your pulse and you cry and you cry. Everything used to make my skin itch, bath soaps, dish soap, body lotions…I scratched my legs raw, my fingers looked like I stuck my hands in boiling water for fun;  All because my diet was real rubbish. I ate bread with banana, bread with crisps, microwaved potato and a Vienna for lunch after school. I drank lots of Tab instead of water. I ate Chocolate cake for breakfast (I baked it myself). I still love baking. Baking makes me happy. It makes everyone happy! I still bake and believe one should be able to have a piece of cake now and then. When it is your birthday maybe? But every day for breakfast is just maybe not such a good plan! I was told I am allergic to Aspirin and probably salicylic acid found in certain fruits. I was given cortisone cream by one of the best dermatologists in Pretoria. The cream runs out, and the eczema comes back… Every time, even though I stopped eating the fruits and using the headache tablets? I learnt a lot from my one boss and started studying Iridology and eventually Naturopathy. I realised that I have been poisoning myself with sugar and processed foods. (Nowadays I eat many salicylic acids and nothing happens to me). I became a Natural Therapist and helped probably around 5000 people with my QXCI machine and my knowledge of diets and herbal medicine from 2001 to 2011. With the QXCI machine and its amazing ability to pick up energy signals from your body and the fact that I do learn fast and have the God given talent to process information efficiently, I could give people really good, to the point advice of how to rid their body of any disease or ailment, by simply giving their body the correct tools and removing the substances that causes harm. I used the QXCI and frequency therapy to help the process along, and when people stuck to their dietary advice and vitamin or herbal supplements, they came back, hugging me, buying me flowers and calling me their angel. I want to thank those people for making all those years, worth it! I am glad most of those people are well now and all I tried to do these last few years is to help them and others a little bit more by making One For All. One For All is a recipe that will improve anyone’s health at a minimal cost. One For All is unique; there are no other vitamin pills on the market that contains Digestive enzymes, Co-Enzyme Q10, Dandelion, Acetyl Cysteine and Chromium plus Vitamin E, all in one Capsule! If you made the effort to read through the whole 3 pages, please share it with your friends. You never know if they need some help and are too shy to ask. I am contemplating doing some consultations in Cape Town again. Maybe this is where I am meant to be doing it, or maybe I just needed a break the last 4 years, but inbox me if you feel the need.


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