Can Banting Cause Gout?

I am reading so many posts on other Banting pages about people who are experiencing for example Blood sugar fluctuations and gout and asking if Banting can cause this… I have been dealing with people changing their diet and lifestyle since 2001 and my advice has mostly been the same as Banting…The most important thing that none of these websites and groups talk about is the fact that one “detoxes” when one changes your diet and lifestyle. Detoxing is not for sissies, it can be harsh and very hard to deal with and also can take very very long. They do Mention so called “carb Flu” which is not really a term that we have known for a long time. I also don’t really agree with it as it is more the so called “Herxheimer” or “Healing Crisis” that one is dealing with. Your body is basically busy to excrete the harmful toxins that it wasn’t capable of doing when you were still bombarding it with sugar and carbs and maybe alcohol, medications, smoke… whatever… I used to say to people: Well, if you are now 40 years old, you need at least 40 months to detox completely, and that will only happen if your body is capable of handling it. Detoxing will include that you will experience all those horrible symptoms ranging from headaches, mucus discharges, pains, aches to even some people vomiting and getting severe diarrhea. It also usually happens in reverse order as it occurred in your lifetime, meaning that if for example you became diabetic just a few weeks ago, that will rectify rather soon, but if for example you used to have headaches since childhood, you might still experience detox headaches for a very long time to come. You can google Dr Bernard Jensen and read all about a patient that only experienced his “Herxheimer Reaction” after being treated by Dr Jensen for a good two years or something. Strangely too, he was an Underweight patient. Weight loss had nothing to do with his goal of being healthy.


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